Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twilight Zone.

My friends, I have to share some favorite resources for connecting to your spiritual side.  It seems so many of us girls lately have needed some help, and I think more and more of us are tuning into our spiritual side to do it. Of course there's yoga and meditation.  But sometimes we need to go a little deeper.  Here are my favorites:

Susan Moe is sort of a clairvoyant intuitive. She's not really a psychic, but she sorta is. She's really like an hour of your therapist with a dose of yoga, the most inspirational episode of Oprah you've ever watched and a great phone call with your best girlfriend. Here's the deal -- she currently lives in Paris with her family so she does all of her readings over the phone.  I've done a lot of readings with her and they've all been on the phone. It's still magical, let me assure you.  She calls you at exactly the time you've scheduled, and she'll probably tell you she's already been meditating about you. You then say your full name a few times (I'm not sure why), and then she goes into the reading where she reads your chakras. And each chakra presents itself as a rose to her, so she'll describe how she sees that rose. If there are little things to clear out and heal along the way, she does it during this part of the reading. Usually this takes about 20 minutes. And then the rest of the hour you can ask her questions and she can look deeper into different areas, go back and explain things and help you sort it all out.  Here's what's great about Susan -- she's TOTALLY one of us!  She's a mom to three and wife to a technology executive, and had a vibrant career years ago. That's where I met her. Imagine your best friend or the girl in the office who everyone adores. That's Susan. You know that saying "Something good comes out of something bad." Well, she's the embodiment of that.  More than a decade ago, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And it was during her chemotherapy that she started to feel intuitive. So she just went with it, found some training and ... voila! I've given her services as a gift certificate to my parents and friends and everyone always loves her.  She's $90 an hour and you can email her at srosemoe@hotmail.com.  Tell her I sent you. {P.S. Susan is a loyal follower of this blog so I hope she'll fill in the blanks or correct me in the comments below!}

Christina Cooper is a psychic. A traditional psychic. Although one of her offices is a tiny office in a traditionally corporate high rise!  A friend referred me to her a few years ago, and many of my friends now visit her regularly. Most everyone says how right on she is. But she is also like a therapist, in a way, because she helps you sort out the questions you've got swirling around your head.  I did that typical thing where I wanted her to know NOTHING about me. I wouldn't even tell her who referred me because I was fearful she would think I was somewhat like that friend. But you know what? She was right on!  There's just been a handful a times when she's off the mark -- but it's not the major things.  I now don't worry about any of that and feel like the more I tell her, the better she can help see my path. She tapes her sessions -- literally tapes them on a cassette tape that walks out the door with you. But no one has a tape deck any more so I hope she updates this soon. But you can always bring your own recording device, too. She's at www.christinacooper.com. and charges $150 for an hour session.

I also have a friend who swears by her astrologist, and another two who love their hypnotherapist. But I want to try those out first before I recommend them here. So, if you are wanting a little therapy is a fun, adventurous and healing way, call Susan and/or Christina! And let me know what you think.


  1. Wow, Denise! Thanks so much for generous and thoughtful sentiments!

  2. My mom gave me a reading with her longtime astrologist for Christmas last year and it was one of the best experiences of my life! If I didn't "believe" before, I certainly do now.