Monday, June 18, 2012

New Style Column!

Well, this is fun!  I'm going to be part of a new column called My Life, Styled with my friend and colleage Jen Pinkston over on Camille Styles.  Jen's an extraordinary stylist and will be writing about how she styles her life ... and I'll be snapping the photos. What's super fun is that Camille's blog is amazing and working with her and her team as we've brought it together has been actually delightful (yes, delightful!).  But the best part is working with Jen. We've worked on a few jobs together and I love love love her. She's super talented, hysterical, smart and driven. And I love that our lives blend both worlds -- my photography life, her wardrobe stylist life ... and our life in writing blogs.  Check out the first column here.

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