Monday, June 25, 2012

What's the secret password?

I laughed really hard at this article yesterday in the NY Times about the lunatic things we all driven to do just to remember our passwords. It was especially funny to me because one of my best friends was in town on Friday and we got into a hysterical laughing fit over our password mania. She never uses the same password twice -- if she's on a site where she needs to enter a new password, she'll just enter whatever she sees or whatever is on her mind. So, it could be a hotel she's booking for an upcoming vacation, a type of cracker she's eating at her desk or something on her to-do list like "manipedi."  Isn't that hysterical? She organizes them in an address book she keeps near her desk -- her password for Zappos would be under Z and her password for Gmail would be under G.  I'm sort of the opposite. I'm very secret agent about it all and only write my passwords down in code ... because it terrifies me that someone might break into my house, find where I keep the super secret notebook, break my code and have access to my things. It's ridiculous!

But the article echoes what probably drives us all crazy -- there's no uniform language to make it easy on us. Some need to be 4 characters, some need to be longer. Some need letters, numbers and alphanumeric symbols and a capitalization. Some of them make you split the letters up with the others. For the love! I can understand this for banking and such ... but my frequent flyer or shopping accounts?  If there's no credit card stored, I don't understand the need to be 007.

Do you have a crazy system for your passwords?

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  1. There's a great program called 1password where we put all our passwords out in the cloud. There are a lot of "free" sites, but we chose to pay for this one after doing lots of research and we've already used it tons.

    One of my friend's husband died suddenly and it got us thinking about how we needed a password plan should one of us pass as well. While we share all our financial accounts, we still sort of divide up the labor for who does what ie, my husband does the 401K and investment stuff, while I pay all the bills and there are those important passwords for things like our on blogs, amazon, skype, etc. Anyway, just a thought...