Monday, July 9, 2012

Book: Gone Girl

Everywhere I looked the past month, I saw great reviews on Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  After a draining month of work, I badly needed to escape into a page-turner for a weekend. I started reading it on a Friday night ... and less than 36 hours later, I was done.  You guys, it was good.  Whew, what a journey!  I can't wait to talk about it.  Will you please read it so we can discuss? It's perfect for a beach day, a lazy weekend or a plane ride. You've got one of those coming up this summer, right?

I won't tell you much but here's what it's about -- on Nick and Amy's fifth wedding anniversary, she mysteriously disappears.  The book is told from both perspectives -- he writes a chapter, and the next chapter is something she's written from her diary. You are kept guessing for the whole ride. I can't tell you any more! But just know that I thought the writing was great, the story unfolds was a unique way and the characters are interesting.  If you like to know more about books before you read them, you can see a review here

I think you are going to love it ...


  1. Interesting! Excited to look into this one! XO, MJ

  2. I just saw it recommended on Salon as well - I do love me a good mystery!

  3. Just finished this, thank you for a great suggestion! Couldn't put it down, and now can't stop thinking about it. Crazy!

    Hope you are doing okay.