Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Conversation.

Did you guys watch The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet on Lifetime?  I loved it.  It ended a few weeks ago but I just noticed that the full episodes -- and shorter videos -- are available online.  Do you know of Amanda de Cadenet?  The only thing I really knew about her is that she dated Keanu Reeves a long time ago when I had a crush on him (hehehe). And she's a photographer. You can read more about her here. She's pals with Demi Moore, apparently, and a lot of other notable ladies ... so for this show, she sits on a sofa with them for good ol' girlie chit chat. It ranges from sex, self esteem, parenting, loss, body image, style, inspiration ... you name it.  It actually runs the gamut of what I like to discuss here on Hello, Moxie! I actually wish I would have watched it with a little notebook in hand because there are lots of lovely inspirational anecdotes that come up. And they splice the conversations with the famous people with short snippets of street interviews with other women.

A few interesting tidbits -- a lot of women's favorite sex position is doggy style! And most everyone agrees that missionary is just fine, sometimes being on top is not all it's cracked up to be.  Hilarious! And maybe you'll only find this interesting if you watched all the episodes like I did but I found myself fascinated with Amanda's styling choices. She looks wildly different in each segment. And at the end of the season, I learned why -- she purposely doesn't have a mirror in her house!  Can you imagine?  I want to learn more about this. Some of the girls really dish it up. While others are way too prim and guarded (boring!). Overall, I really think it's another important opportunity for women to bond -- especially if it's just to realize that talking about it helps, and that we are really more alike with all of our struggles than we know.


{The above image is a screen grab of Gwyneth Paltrow and Amanda from an episode online}. 

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  1. I enjoyed it too. I especially liked the interviews with the slightly older women (Rita Wilson, Donna Karan, the writer whose husband lost all her money (can't recall her name)). I think we can all benefit from their wisdom, especially self-acceptance.