Friday, July 13, 2012

Spray Tans Cause Cancer.

OK, seriously ... how much can we take?  Last month I found out that spray tans could cause cancer. It actually makes sense -- it's what you breath in, not what's put on your skin.  I really like being bronzed. Year round. It's one of those little things that I splurged on -- I feel slimmer and so much more vibrant than when I'm pale and white.  It's a major confidence boost. One of my best friends died of skin cancer -- and a few others have had cancerous spots removed -- so baking away like I did in college is just out of the question. Up until a month ago when I found this out, I did MysticTan -- where you stand in the booth (like Ross did). I had a great deal at a local salon where I paid $100 a month and could go often as I liked. It rocked!  That meant I went about once or twice a week and kept it up with Kiehl's self tanning lotion and Jergens lotion.  They quit business and so I had to go to other salons. And that's when I noticed that these other booths felt very unhealthy -- I really felt the sensation of breathing in chemicals. So I wasn't surprised about this new cancer development. Just really pissed that all the good things cause cancer! But now I'm ghostly white and it's the middle of summer.  I don't want to do the custom spray tans because they are too pricey to keep up.  And the tanning lotions just don't seem to go dark enough. What's a girl to do?

{Photo of the always gorgeously bronzed JLo from Allure}.


  1. I'm kind of going with the change my own perspective approach, or at least trying to, ie; flat chested is ok, white skin is beautiful?, water hits the spot better than a diet soda, etc. Not saying it's easy, just sayin' I'm tryin'...

  2. Bronzing powder. ( I usually use Bobby Brown, or a mineral one...I love "True" ) and a big fat brush. put it all over. I use it on my chest, shoulders, even my back if I have a dress where it shows. Sure it gets on clothes a little. But it's better than cancer. Of course anything we rub on our skin goes straight into us. Our skin is our largest organ and any lotion, cream or self tanner penetrates and is absorbed into our blood stream. So embrace the healthy pale look. Or get a natural bronzing powder and tan away!