Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travel Tips.

Did you read this article in the Sunday NY Times last weekend? I felt myself thinking three things:

1. Thank God I don't travel that much any more.
2. These people are crazy.
3. Oh, but wait, that's a great idea!

The article talks about young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and tech executives who are always on a plane ... and they detail some of their tips and tricks. Here are my favorites:

A starter pistol (see #2 above). Yes, this idea is crazy but equally brilliant.  One guy suggests you buy one ($20 on Amazon, for example), put it in your checked bag, and then tell them you have a locked and unloaded firearm.  There's no chance the TSA is losing that bag! Genius.

Same guy with another great tip -- parking tickets can be cheaper than airport parking.  I know people who did this when I lived in San Francisco at the height of the tech boom. There literally weren't enough places to park in The City. So people just budgeted in parking tickets to their monthly budget.

Do you hate entering all of your flight details into your calendar, printing out maps, getting directions?  TripIt is an app and free website that does all of that for you.  (I was actually just cleaning up the ridiculous amount of apps I have on my phone that I never use and this was one of them -- hmmm, might need to get that one back).

Forget your laptop/cell charger?  Check with the hotel lost-and-found. They probably have it.

And I could use this one!  Do you stay in so many hotels that you can never remember which room you are in?  That's why you need the Room app -- it remembers it for you.

WorldNomads insurance looks pretty cool.  And some of the girls had clothing suggestions but none looked exciting to me. I think Wendy had the best idea with this scarf.

{Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote the article and she has a new column called The Getaway. Her packing tips are here. Photo by Alan Gant found here}.


  1. Wow -- you are right, some totally crazy, but interesting, ideas!

    I wore my scarf today up in the City. Still love it! :-)

    Now I am debating whether I should read chapter 6 of the Happiness Project in time for tomorrow, or if I should rent one of the recent movies you have suggested and veg out for the night...

  2. The starter pistol and the parking tickets were genius ideas. Never would have thought of either - but should have thought of the latter because it makes sense! And lost & found for chargers.

    I travel a fair amount and do my best NOT to check luggage. But then you have the rush to board so you find a spot so your bag doesn't end up being gate checked.

  3. Those are brilliant travel tips! But when it comes to parking, it would be wise to opt for airport parking because of one factor: convenience. Though a parking ticket is extremely cheap, there are a lot more merits to opting for airport parking. For example, with airport parking, there are shuttles that can drop you off or pick you up at the airport anytime.