Friday, August 10, 2012

TV: Homeland.

Holy flipping' cow, you guys. A few weekends ago, I watched the first season of Homeland.  I heard how amazing it was last year but I held out until now to watch it.  I love watching entire seasons like that in the summer. And once you start, you can't stop!  I honestly don't remember another show that is such a phenomenal piece of work on every level. The acting is out of the world. You will be amazed with Claire Danes's talent. Mandy Patinkin, too.  And I have had a crush on Damian Lewis since he was on Life. The writing is phenomenal. The story totally grips you. It's heartfelt, sexy, smart, fast, human, intuitive, brilliant, thrilling. If you've seen it, let me know ASAP so we can discuss everything.  I'm even on the chat boards so I can talk about it -- that's how bad I've got it! But if you haven't seen it, you can watch it On Demand if you have Showtime. Or you can wait to buy the DVD when it comes out at the end of August. But why wait that long! Seriously, I'd sign up for Showtime today if you don't have it and start watching it tonight.  If you don't know what it's about ... Claire Danes is a CIA officer who is fiercely passionate and dedicated to her job in counter-terrorism focusing on Al Qaeda.  She just doesn't always play by the rules. And she can't tell anyone that she has to take medication for a mental issue. She's sort of a secret secret agent and plays this juxtaposition flawlessly. Mandy Patinkin is her boss and mentor. He's a calm, cool cucumber to her frantic and manic mess of brilliance.  And Damian Lewis is a Marine who was MIA for eight years but was recently discovered to be alive after being an Al Qaeda POW that entire time. He comes home to a wife and kids who have finally moved on thinking he was dead. And there you have it ... a beautiful mess that is the genius of Homeland. The second season doesn't start until the end of September. I'm counting down the minutes.


  1. Seen it, loved it, can't wait til season 2! Love Mandy Patinkin too. And Clair Danes is amazing as someone with mental illness.

  2. Denise, have you seen the promo for Season 2 yet? I'm kind of consumed by it. Showed Brody on the campaign trail. Can't wait!!! Dying to watch Claire Danes slowly remember what she figured out right before it was all erased at the end of last season. Also, is she kicked out of the CIA and therefore TOTALLY rogue? Will Brody's resolve lessen like it did at the end of season 1? How will Al Qaeda keep him brainwashed? Hmmm, so many good questions before us.

    So glad you found this great, great show.